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Our cozy little town of Ely Nevada is far from a sprawling metropolis. Most of us folks who live here are not the type of people who enjoy the hustle and bustle of places like Las Vegas or L.A. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the type of people who are more at home in a small town, in fact it’s the neighborly sprit of small-town America that make places like Ely Nevada so appealing.

 One of the drawbacks of living in a rural community, however, is that when you need the specialized services of a professional, you will often have to travel. Just finding any old attorney would be easy, but if you need a lawyer in Ely that specializes in a particular area of the law, you may not have to make the drive to Reno if you know how to look.

  Its also understandable to think that the lawyers in Ely might be less experienced or talented than the big-time attorneys working in giant skyscrapers in Vegas, but that just isn’t the case. Many of your local lawyers will have just as much, or more experience in a particular type of law as any Vegas or Reno attorney.

The methods that a Vegas lawyer would use to win your case, will be the exact same as a lawyer in Ely as well.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured, and someone else is at fault, a “win” in this situation would be getting fairly compensated. The insurance agencies make it their business to try to shortchange people in their payouts. That’s how these companies make their money, and they have entire departments of lawyers and legal professionals whose very job is to try to get out of paying injury compensation.

The name of the game in personal injury cases is evidence. If your lawyer is good enough, they will be able to compile so much evidence in your favor there would be absolutely zero chance the insurance agency would want to your case to court.

After all of the evidence has been collected, you injury lawyer will send what’s called a “demand letter,” to the insurance company of the liable party and if the evidence is compelling enough, you will likely get a settlement offer.

Family Law

Divorces and custody cases tend to be the most emotionally charged areas of law that an attorney can work in. When a marriage or relationship has turned sour, there is almost always a great number of feelings involved. Its human nature to want to lash out at those who have hurt us, and when you are getting divorced or are fighting for custody, you will very likely be feeling a great amount of fear and anxiety, as well as anger.

All of those feelings are amplified when the very relationship with our children is threatened. Its unfortunately a very common occurrence to see someone unintentionally using custody of the kids as a way to hurt their former partner.  These people will tell themselves that the other parent is unfit, and that’s why they are wanting full custody, and sometimes that is true; however, not always.

The best way to win in a family law case is for your lawyer to be able to mitigate these kinds of feelings and actions so that a fair and equitable settlement can be reached. In the instance of custody, the first and foremost ideal that needs to be adhered to is the “best interest” of the children.

 If both parents are loving and capable of having custody, its then in the best interest of the child that they share physical custody. All hurt feelings aside, kids need both parents in their lives, and a good lawyer will know that, and act accordingly.

Criminal Defense

Unlike in the movies, the majority of people who are charged with a crime are guilty. The amount of people who will come into a lawyer’s office claiming that they are not however, is extraordinary. What these people don’t understand is that when you lie to your criminal defense attorney, you are inhibiting their ability to help you.

A good criminal defense attorneys’ job is to normally mitigate the amount of punishment that the D.A.’s office is originally trying to implement. This means filing motions and pleadings with the court attempting to try to make the idea of taking the case to trial, less appealing to the D.A.’s office. This will cause them to offer plea deals so that they don’t have to risk losing at trial.

In the instance that you are charged with a crime that you did not commit, an experienced and talented defense attorney will normally insist that the case go to trial or be dismissed, so that they can present the evidence of your innocence to a jury of your peers.

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