Steps of a Nevada Car Accident Claim

Nevada Car Accident Claim

After being involved in a car accident, it’s normal to be a bit shaken up at first. Even if you aren’t injured, the shock of the crash can last awhile. Its easy for us Nevadans to believe that we are completely safe out on the road, if we drive correctly and watch out for the “bad drivers.” The unfortunate reality, however, is that we can become involved in a car accident at any time, regardless of how safely we drive.

Regardless of if you are injured in the accident, you will need to know how to file a Nevada car accident claim. This claim will inform the insurance agencies that you are seeking compensation for the damages incurred in the accident. This damage can include not only the damage to your vehicle, but also compensation for any injuries that you incurred in the crash.

Before we explore the steps that need to be taken to file your claim, it is important to detail the legal obligations that need to be met directly after a crash. If you don’t meet these obligations then not only could your claim be jeopardized, but you could also face charges.

What to Do Right After a Nevada Car Crash

Directly after a car crash the last thing you will be thinking about is your legal obligations. Chances are the first thing that is going to pop into your mind is if you and your family are ok. Failing to immediately follow these obligations doesn’t mean that you will go to jail, but you could get a traffic citation. However, after you have made sure that you and your passengers are ok, you will need to fulfill the following:

  • Check on the driver and passengers of any vehicles that are involved. If anyone is injured, then you must deliver aid. This aid generally involves CPR, if you are certified, or calling an ambulance for medical assistance and transportation to the hospital.
  • If it is safe and you are able, you must attempt to get the vehicles involved in the accident over to the side of the road, and out if the flow of traffic.
  • After making sure everyone is cared for and the vehicles are not creating a hazard on the road, you must exchange your information with everyone else involved. This information includes your name, phone number and insurance information.

The above list is far from a complete list of all the Nevada laws regarding accidents and the reporting of accidents. All these obligations are governed by Nevada Revised Statute Chapter 484E.  After the above regulations have been satisfied, your next step is to file your claim with the insurance agency.

Filing The Nevada Car Accident Claim with Insurance

If you have been seriously injured in the car accident, then the best way to protect your interests and insure you will get fair compensation is to hire a personal injury lawyer. Regardless if you retain an attorney or not, you need to call the insurers claim phone number. These numbers are easily found online. All you need to do is search for the insures name, plus “claim department phone number.” If you are making this call instead of an injury attorney, then make sure that you do not make any comment or statement that implies you are responsible, or even partially responsible for the car accident.

Justice Law Center For Your Injury Lawyer

Our team of Nevada car accident lawyers here at Justice Law Center have been fighting for the rights of Nevada residents for over 25 years. Being involved in an accident where you are injured will turn your whole life upside down. Having a lawyer on your side to deal with the insurance agencies and courts will allow you to focus on what’s really important, your recovery and your family.

We offer completely free consultations so we can discuss your case and the laws surrounding a Nevada car accident claim without any money changing hands. Also, if you choose Justice Law Center for your accident claim, we only take our fees out of the money that is awarded to you.


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