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Being seriously injured while you are at work can tend to become much more complicated than say a slip and fall at a grocery store. If the extent of your injuries is severe enough that you are unable to work, then in most instances you should be able to collect Nevada workers compensation. But what happens when you employer tries to fight your collection of workers compensation?

One of the very first things that may concern you after being injured at work is if you could lose your job. Another issue that may concern you is whether or not hiring an Ely work injury lawyer will send your employer the wrong message, and could it increase the chances of you getting fired.

In todays post we will explore all the issues surrounding a Nevada workman’s compensation case and just how a good Ely work injury lawyer can help. Some of the main issue that you will face after being injured at work will include:

  • Your employer pressuring you to return to work too early after your injury.
  • Undergoing the proper medical treatments and possible ongoing physical therapy.
  • Filling out and filing the workers comp paperwork correctly and on time.
  • Not understanding all the possible damages that you are entitled to.
  • Issues with filing and deadlines regarding your disability payments.
  • Not knowing who is liable for your injuries.

Wading through all these issues by yourself can be too much even for a healthy person. This is why it’s sometimes necessary to hire a work injury attorney to do these things for you. In todays post, we are going to examine the work injury process and what you should know if you are injured on the job.

Nevada Workers Compensation Information

Per Nevada law, any company that has one or more employees is required to carry workers compensation. Workman’s comp in Nevada is governed by the Nevada Department of Industrial Relations. The main purpose of workers comp is to ensure that when employees are injured while engaging in work related duties, they will still be receiving payment while they are recovering. These payments are designed so that the injured will not have to file any kind of lawsuit for compensation, in fact, in order to receive workers comp in Nevada, the injured would have to waive the right to sue.

To receive workers comp in Nevada all the injured must do is prove that they were injured while engaged in work related activities. You do not have to prove any kind of liability or negligence to get your payments.

When Do You Need to Hire an Ely Work Injury Lawyer?

Most workman’s compensation claim goes pretty smoothly, and do not require the services of an Ely work injury lawyer. However, there are some tell-tale signs that you may need to have to hire one, such as the ones below:

  • Either your employer or their insurance agency tries to deny you were injured while at work. If your job or their insurance says that the injury you suffered didn’t happen while you were at work, your claim for workers comp can be denied. The most common occurrence that could cause this is if you suffer a minor injury while working and you decide not to report it. Then, after some time that injury is aggravated and becomes more severe, your employer can claim that the original injury happened elsewhere.
  • Your Job refuses to process your claim in a timely manner. If you are inured while working, its up to you to immediate notify the management of the incident. At that time your company should provide you with the paperwork to open your claim. However, your job needs to report the incident to workers comp in order for you to receive your payments, if they do not in a timely manner, you may need to hire a lawyer.
  • If you received a permanent disability that prevents you from ever working again. If the seriousness of your injuries is such that you will never be able to work again, chances are you will need an injury attorney. The reason for this is because per the law, you will get workman’s comp disability payments for the rest of your life and the insurance agencies will likely always contest these claims.
  • The insurance agency offers you a settlement that is too low. If your employer’s insurance agency offers you a settlement that doesn’t even cover your medical expenses, you will need to hire a lawyer right away.

These are just a few instances where a work injury lawyer will be needed and is far from a comprehensive list. Other situations that may require an attorney are if you have a pre-existing condition, or if your employer retaliates against you after filing your claim.

If you have been injured on the job, your best bet is to call the expert Ely work injury lawyer here at Justice Law Center. We offer completely free initial consultations, so we can sit down with you and discuss whether or not you need a lawyer at all, before any money changes hands.


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