When is the Right Time to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

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When you think of the words “personal injury attorney,” the first thing that may come to mind is some quack in a cheap suit chasing down an ambulance after a car crash. Here at Justice Law Center, we have been providing personal injury attorney services for the Ely Nevada community for over 25 years and have NEVER chased an ambulance. In fact, we don’t know of any injury attorneys that has even done so.

 n fact, the personal injury area of the law is one of the most rewarding aspects of practice. When someone is injured in an accident and someone else is at fault, getting our clients the compensation that is fair and right really makes our job here at a law firm worthwhile.

 Normally it is pretty easy to know when you need a lawyer in a divorce or criminal defense case; however, after you have been injured sometimes its not so easy to know when you need representation. The insurance agencies will very likely contact you immediately afterwards and may even tell you that you don’t need an injury attorney. If they do tell you that, then you most likely DO need immediate representation.

How You Can Be Taken Advantage of After an Injury

We have all seen the cute and catchy insurance agency commercials. They are full of happy smiling people and funny jokes. The ads on TV really make these companies seem like they are really just out there to help people when they need them the most. Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The insurance agencies do not exist to help people who have been injured or have suffered property damage. These companies are for profit corporations whose sole and only purpose is to make money. These corporations do not make money by paying out generous compensation packages to everyone who files a claim, quite the opposite. The insurance agencies make money by paying out the very least amount of money when someone files a claim.

To that end they have procedures in place that are aimed at trying to fool individuals who have been injured into accepting the very first low-ball offer, that they will most assuredly put on the table before anyone even mentions personal injury attorney. They will make this offer seem fair by downplaying the seriousness of your injuries and damages. They will claim that the insurance policy only has a certain cap on the amount that they can payout and you would save money by accepting the first offer.

Another way they will try to take advantage of you is by telling you that if you make a formal statement, they will be able to get you your money faster. If you agree they will give a form filled with leading questions that is aimed at getting you to admit that you were at fault for the injury causing accident.

 If You Have Been Injured and Someone is at Fault, You Need an Injury Attorney

 Directly after the accident, the last thing anyone wants to do is go shopping for an injury lawyer. The most important things that will be on your mind is healing from your injuries and being with your family. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be hospitalized, which would make finding a lawyer difficult.

However, the sooner you get representation the better. The insurance agencies will try to take advantage of your vulnerable state and will do so as a normal procedure so that they can reduce the payout amount. If you are represented by a lawyer, the insurance agencies will have to deal with them, instead of you directly. This will not only allow you to focus on recovering, but it will send a clear message to the insurance agencies that you intend on getting a fair and equitable amount of compensation for your injuries.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Get You More Money          

After you have retained an injury lawyer, they will begin to compile all of the evidence surrounding the incident that led up to your injury. Evidence like witness statements, traffic cams or other camera footage, police reports and all the medical bills that were a result of the injury, amongst other things. Your lawyer will then draft what’s called a demand letter and attach all of the evidence that they have compiled and send it all to the insurance agency.

The insurance agencies legal department will then go over all the evidence that was included with the demand letter and then determine whether paying the amount demanded would be more cost effective than taking the matter to court. Injury trials are very expensive and time consuming, and if the evidence included with the demand letter is a less amount than they would spend at trial, then chances are high that the amount would be paid. This is especially true if the evidence shows that the insurance agency would very likely lose in court.

Justice Law Center in Ely Nevada for Your Case

For over 25 years our team of attorneys have been fighting for the rights of the Ely Nevada community. We understand that after you have been injured, and someone else is at fault, the last thing that is on your mind if finding a personal injury attorney. Unfortunately, due to the shady and deceitful practices of the insurance agencies, retaining a lawyer must be one of the first thigs that you do, so you can protect your interests.

If you have landed on this article wondering when the best time to hire an injury lawyer is, the answer is as quickly as possible. After you have retained counsel, like one of our expert injury lawyers at Justice Law Center, you will be able to focus on what is really important in your life and let us handle everything else.

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